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  • Michelle Shimmin

Your Ordering and Inventory Process

(Part 4 - Know Your Reps)

Build a personal relationship with your reps … yes, reps can be annoying (no offense to any reps seeing this post 😊) but having a personal relationship with them can benefit your practice. Take time to get to know them: Remember their NAME!!, Where are they from, small personal details like their hobbies, families, etc. I personally have to write everything down to remember, so do that if you need to.

Setup times where they can come in and spend time without taking away from patients for them to show you new products. Often they will bring in food, and who doesn’t love free food! Finding out what companies have to offer will keep you up to date on industry moves. Don’t be afraid to ask what they can offer for you and make sure that the companies you are buying from are benefiting your practice. Having a personal relationship can offer more benefits than you think. Benefits like Reward points, free shipping, bulk order deals, product swapping.

You know your doctors will always look at the bottom line, so … do your research to make sure you are getting not only the best PRICE on each product, but also the best QUALITY of product. Getting the best quality product is the most important thing for your practice when it comes to supplies. There are less emergencies, longer lasting products and more effective products.

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