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  • Laryssa Loya

Best Practices for Digital Leads from Orthodontics Consultants

As committed and in alignment with our earlier blog this month concerning the new patient call experience, let’s now explore the potency of the digital lead tracker and explore the best practices to maximize your return on investment from digital leads.

As orthodontic consultants, we're familiar with the challenge of dealing with digital leads. Despite investing significant sums with marketing firms that tout high volumes, we often encounter a frustrating trend: these leads frequently prove to be unreliable, with many becoming "flaky" patients who fail to show up for appointments and struggle to grasp the reasons behind their actions.


Numerous practices fall into the trap of regarding these leads as inactive entities, merely slotting them into a 30-minute schedule without proactively establishing communication or setting expectations for the appointment. Consequently, they're left puzzled when these patients fail to attend. The root cause lies in our own approach—we inadvertently communicate a lack of commitment by neglecting to reach out, introduce ourselves, and gather pertinent information. This failure to demonstrate our dedication undermines the importance of the appointment and diminishes the patient's sense of obligation to attend.

To alter this dynamic with digital lead patients and truly optimize the return on investment, we suggest implementing a digital lead tracker paired with a robust follow-up protocol. Understanding the nature of digital leads, we recognize that they opted for digital scheduling for a specific reason. If they were inclined to call, they would have done so. Therefore, it's imperative to be inventive in capturing their attention, necessitating adaptations in our contact methods and intervals to align with their communication preferences.


The digital lead tracker serves a vital role in upholding accountability within our team by adhering to digital lead protocols. It ensures that we make a concerted effort to reach out to each lead at least six times before deeming them inactive.


Presented below are a set of optimal strategies to guide the implementation and utilization of a digital lead tracker.


  • Identifying Lead Sources: It's crucial to discern the various channels through which leads are generated. By understanding these avenues, we gain insight into the effectiveness of our marketing efforts and can tailor our approach accordingly to optimize lead generation.

  • Timely Initial Contact: The significance of making initial contact within 5-15 minutes of lead receipt cannot be overstated. This window presents a prime opportunity to engage with the lead while their interest and attention are still high, maximizing the chances of successful communication and conversion.

  • Diversified Contact Methods: Embracing diverse communication formats, such as text messaging, is key to effectively engaging leads. By converting traditional new patient call sheets into text-able formats, we adapt to evolving communication preferences and facilitate more seamless interactions, enhancing the likelihood of meaningful engagement.

  • Persistent Lead Follow-Up: Persistence is paramount when it comes to lead follow-up. If initial contact attempts are unsuccessful, it's essential to continue working the lead at designated intervals. Consistent follow-up demonstrates our commitment to addressing the lead's needs and increases the likelihood of eventual conversion.

  • Thorough Engagement: Successful contact with a lead mark just the beginning of the interaction. Treating subsequent conversations with the same diligence as a new patient call ensures comprehensive engagement. By asking pertinent questions and gathering necessary information, we enhance the quality of our interactions and lay the groundwork for a successful patient relationship.


Through the integration of a digital lead tracker and accompanying protocols, we safeguard your marketing investment in digital leads while maximizing growth opportunities within the office.


We trust that you’ll discover this resource to be both enlightening and empowering, serving as a catalyst for ongoing enhancement within your office. May it inspire not only process improvement but also facilitate the growth and elevation of your practice. Contact your senior consultant today to arrange tailored training sessions for your team, ensuring seamless implementation of the digital lead tracker in your office.

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