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Must be a client and have a login to access either the Shimmin Consulting Learning Management Software or Practice Metrics portals.


Our customized Client Portal provides the opportunity to track, measure and analyze your practice data. From practice growth metrics in the areas of production and collection to tracking conversion rates, overhead expenses and goal setting. Accurate data is crucial to making business decisions for your practice and ensuring you are growing in the areas you desire as well as being able to identify issues before they become problematic.

insurance verification

Our Insurance Verification Portal streamlines the process to verify insurance coverage ensuring efficiency and accuracy, thereby facilitating faster verification, and completion accuracy. Providing patients with a transparent understanding of their benefits also enhancing efficiency and satisfaction for all parties involved in a complete and thorough process for verifying every patients insurance benefits prior to their new patient exam.

learning portal

Our Learning Management Portal provides our clients with access to a customized training platform for team members. You can track the learning progress and even create your own personalized learning courses for any area of your practice. Current customized courses include: Clinical Basics, Clinical Intermediate, Clinical Advanced, Treatment Coordinator, Leadership and Management and National Lectures.

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