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  • Michelle Shimmin

Your Inventory and Ordering Process

(Part 2)

As we discussed in a poll recently how are you tracking when product is low and does everyone in the office know the system and follow the system?

There is the Tag System, the most common system used, but still there are a lot of questions and processes to be put in place for this system to be executed well. Where do people place the tags? How often are they checked? How long before you order the product? What do you do about lost tags? Are tags placed on everything?

There is the Binder System that is made available to everyone in the office. But again, how often is it checked, are all products that are low written in it including front office supplies? Now low do products get before they are written in the binder?

In all it doesn’t really matter what system is used, the important thing is that you have a solid ordering and inventory system in place that everyone is aware of and everyone follows. Nothing worse than finding out you are out of a patient supply when it is needed.

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