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  • Michelle Shimmin

The Power of Metrics in you Practice


What changes outcomes are worth measuring!

In business the term Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) is used so often that we don’t typically reflect on the meaning of the words anymore and what they can do for us. Three elements of KPI’s that is typically not assessed in translating the metrics to practice application are:

  1. Keep the existing systems

  2. Predict the behaviors that support objectives

  3. Incentivize and measure those behaviors

Data should change behaviors in ways that shape outcomes. The data you collect needs to be useful to you. If you currently collect metrics, you have probably found yourself wondering if they are worth the bother. Some data we collect simply because we can, other data because we have always tracked them in the past. Some of the data will shape behaviors that help your practice achieve objectives, while others simply tell you if objectives were achieved.

The data and metrics in your practice will help you set objectives, identify risks, set strategies, identify critical success factors for the strategy to work and the data will quickly be able to tell you how your approach is working so that you can pivot quickly in areas of concern. We will discuss how to find areas of concern and some specific ways to address them in upcoming posts.

Hopefully, you are seeing the importance of data for your practice and how, without it, you will have significant barriers and delays in achieving the results you are looking for. Shimmin Consulting has the tools available to assist you in collecting the important data and provide a visual dashboard that will allow you to make informed decisions, set objectives, identify risks, and set strategies for your practice. For $99/month you will have full access to measure all areas of your practice. There is no initial setup cost, and we will have you up and running, collecting data in less than 1 week.

Do not start 2021 without a strong understanding of YOUR practice and the areas of growth potential you have with these tools.

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