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  • Laryssa Loya

Unlocking the Power of Emotional Intelligence in Your Practice with Shimmin Consulting

In a world driven by people, emotions are never far behind. Yet, discussing feelings often feels like venturing into uncharted territory, especially within many businesses and practices. But why is that?

As business owners, we rely on our teams to operate our business, perform tasks, and provide exceptional care and service to our patients and parents. So, why aren’t we focusing on the emotional intelligence (EQ) of our team members?

Many people think EQ is just about being in tune with their own feelings or assume that certain genders, social groups, or generations are naturally better at it. But that's a misconception.

Emotional intelligence is about being aware of, understanding, controlling, using, and managing one’s own emotions while handling interpersonal relationships with empathy and judiciousness. It’s the perfect blend of mind and heart – in other words, “Leading with Your Heart.” However, emotions often seem like a wild beast that can’t be tamed, especially in a workplace where tasks and priorities take center stage.

But here’s a secret: Emotional intelligence is the number one factor in a practice's success, accounting for 75-80% of a business’s achievements! Now is the perfect time to prioritize EQ within your organization and join the ranks of the 75-80% who see outstanding success. But that’s just the beginning. Let’s dive deeper into the incredible benefits of prioritizing emotional intelligence in your practice:

  1. Decreased Occupational Stress: When you know how to regulate your emotions, overthinking and stress melt away. Challenges become opportunities to shine.

  2. Improved Decision Making: With higher EQ, decisions are made with empathy and clarity, not clouded by negative emotions.

  3. Reduced Staff Turnover: Teach your team to manage their emotions and inter-office relationships, leading to a more stable and committed workforce.

  4. Increased Personal Wellbeing: A workplace filled with safety, clarity, and understanding boosts everyone’s mental and emotional health.

  5. Enhanced Team Performance: Happy team members are productive team members. They handle stress positively and build consistent, positive relationships.

  6. Strengthened Leadership Abilities: High EQ is a hallmark of true leadership. As your team’s EQ grows, so will their leadership skills.

From a personal perspective, prioritizing emotional intelligence offers these benefits:

  • Work Performance: Navigate social complexities, lead, motivate, and excel in your career.

  • Physical Health: Manage stress to avoid serious health issues like high blood pressure, weakened immune system, and increased risk of heart attacks or strokes.

  • Mental Health: Reduce the risk of anxiety and depression by controlling stress.

  • Relationships: Communicate effectively and forge stronger connections, both at work and in your personal life.

  • Social Intelligence: Recognize social cues, reduce stress, and feel happier and more connected.

At Shimmin Consulting, we recommend extensive emotional intelligence training for every practice. Whether through an online course, a team book club, or an on-site intensive led by our experts, we teach the four key components of EQ and provide actionable steps to enhance your team’s emotional intelligence. We urge you to take action and propel your team and practice toward greater success.

Emotional intelligence can profoundly transform the workplace. When leaders and team members alike display high EQ, it sets a positive tone for the entire organization. So, will your practice be part of the 75-80% that achieves outstanding success, or will you miss the chance to revolutionize your team and practice?

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