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  • Michelle Shimmin

Key Factors for a Successful Practice With a Remarkable Reputation


Utilizing Performance Reviews is a great opportunity when you’re looking to celebrate improvement, facilitate or influence changed behavior and encourage professional growth and development. The whole purpose of the review is to have each team member feel excited and empowered to grow professionally, whether they’re new to the team or a 20-year veteran. Reviews help find the breakdown in perception and create a dynamic in which team members can be vested in their own professional development.

For new team members, we recommend a 30 day, 60 day and a 90 day review; and for current team members an annual review. The purpose is to provide clarity to the position, so the team member knows their role and expectations, while removing perception and feeling. This allows YOU to be a better coach and help facilitate growth in their position.

The most successful evaluations use a review document that asks specific questions or key performance indicators for the job. The team member should fill out this review document, along with the doctor and an appropriate leader on the team based upon their position (ie office manager, clinic lead etc). This document leads to easier discussions and creates a dynamic in which emotion and perception are removed.

Questions should include:

  1. What areas would the employee like to improve on? (create an ownership for the team member)

  2. What do they need from us to be successful in this process?

  3. What are they committed to over the next _______ amount of time? (as a part of the team)

Use all of this information and provide your feedback and desires for this person’s role with the business. This process is valuable to the team member to create goals and helps them identify areas in which they can feel empowered and proactive for their own professional growth. Writing these down and revisiting the areas of focus in the future to determine what has been accomplished is useful and effective in a coaching process.

Remember to:

  • Use this info/data as a strategy to grow and develop your staff

  • Revisit to assess the progress

  • Raises are based on the work ability, the results and the growth and development progress – the value of the employee

  • Performance reviews and wage reviews should be separate

Performance reviews are tied directly with real-time coaching and goals should be worked on consistently throughout the year. Wage reviews should be on anniversary date, assessed by skill set, abilities and commitments. *Team members, you cannot simply expect a wage increase each year without having improved upon your skills and contributions to the practice and to your own professional growth!

Decide, Commit, Succeed!!

Reach out to me at if you’re looking for process documents or recommendations for the most effective review process.

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