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  • Michelle Shimmin

Getting the Most out of Your Investment in Digital Technology

New technology, such as digital scanners and 3D printers, has very quickly become the new standard of care within our industry. I see many practices recognizing the fabulous benefits these digital opportunities provide us with efficiencies, better patient care, higher conversion rates, and a more thorough and accurate representation of what we are evaluating. It’s important that your entire team understands the benefits to the patient in having this remarkable technology available and for each team member to be well-trained to capitalize on every opportunity that arises. Scripts and role-playing are excellent tools to use when training your team to recognize opportunities.

Take for example, the following exam on a teenage boy: Mom stated that she’s always strongly disliked her smile and that fixing her son’s smile was very important to her. Mom also stated that it was going to be her turn as soon as her son’s treatment was complete. At that moment, I was so excited to show mom what we could do for her when she was ready, that I said, “Mom, come with me, I’d love to show you something.” At which time, I proceeded to scan mom and show her the simulator of HER smile. This was happening while her son was completing his appointment to start treatment. My goal was not to ‘up-sell’ this patient’s mom. I was so overjoyed about what we were going to be able to provide her, something that was very important to her, and that I had the ability to demonstrate and provide an immediate visual. I feel very strongly that it’s not high-pressure sales when passion is involved. I stated, “We have a great Family Care Program, and this is what we will do for you when you’re ready!” I genuinely meant it and was excited to educate mom. Her response was, “Do it now!” She was so thrilled with the simulation, that she didn’t want to wait until her son was finished with treatment. She started treatment that day!

Find that passion, believe in the results and the experience you provide your patients -using your digital technology to allow your patients to visualize their results- and you WILL see phenomenal benefits to your practice.

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