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  • Michelle Shimmin

Fraud, Theft, & Embezzlement - Part 2

Disclaimer: We understand the sensitive nature of this topic. Our goal is to provide awareness to all doctors and staff members. The more people have this type of activity on their radar, the less of this we will see in our businesses. We have been advised closely on what content and information to provide and what not to provide. We hope this brings attention and awareness to this despicable behavior to ultimately protect your practices.

Rationalization of stealing is when an employee steals because, from their perspective, you have too much or you are insensitive to others that have less. They convince themselves that it is okay to take from you. In this circumstance, there is little you can do. David states in his book "A team members' decision to become dishonest has relatively little to do with you, and it is far more likely to be a manifestation of their own needs and wants"

Opportunity, this exists in every practice! Even when we have checks and balances in place, a thief will find a way around them. Most embezzlers are using multiple methods at once. Once someone has made up their mind to take from you, they will find a way to do it.

Pressure can come from a need for the employee to gain additional income. This could be a new health concern for them, a loved one creating unexpected bills or something as simple as they do not feel they are fairly compensated. This need can then quickly turn into greed and small theft can grow into larger amounts.

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