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  • Michelle Shimmin

New Patients: Are you making the most of every patient touch point?

Updated: Mar 5, 2019

Consultant #win -- We love when we visit an orthodontic office and we see the iTero scanner being used on every patient, at EVERY exam! What better way for your patients to see VALUE in treatment at your office! The #scanateveryexam is a key component to your success!

5 Ways the iTero Scanner will boost your business:

  • Improve the Patient Experience

  • Get digital accuracy and limit manual errors

  • Enjoy easy impression taking and reduce retakes

  • Save time and see more patients

  • Digital scans can be directly sent to a lab, improving communication and enabling digital workflows

Do you scan at your new patient exam? YOU SHOULD!



To learn more about how we can partner with you and your team and for a free consultation appointment to discuss your practice concerns, contact us below. Also find out what people are saying about us and how we have impacted their practices.

What great things will you and your team do in 2019? Partner your team with the best,

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