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Who We Are

As an industry expert with nearly 30 years of experience, Michelle is featured each year on many National and International Lecture Stages such as Align Expo's, AAO, PCSO, HSO, Invisalign Summit, Dolphin Annual Meetings, CSOM and SCAO. Michelle is also often a contributor of writings and articles for the advancement of Orthodontic practice and research.

Consulting & Your Practice

After an in-depth assessment with you, Shimmin Consulting will send you recommendations and a proposal based on your needs and desires, as well as your time and financial investment availability with no-interest payment options available. We will pair your team with one of our expert Orthodontic Consultants. Learn more here!


What People are Saying About Us

We believe that having an effective consulting team on board and next to you should be the standard and expectation in running your business effeciently and profitably. Don't just take it from us; Shimmin Consulting is the best in the industry orthodontic consultant with proven results from clients coast-to-coast!



Michelle started Shimmin Consulting out of a desire to teach and train others in practice processes and influential communication techniques. She consults with practices on their systems to promote training, growth and success in all areas. Michelle is passionate about communication and setting others up to succeed, and with her electric personality, knowledge and experience, her clients have seen unbelievable growth when applying the information and techniques that she so enthusiastically teaches. Michelle specializes in efficient, streamlined management processes and leadership techniques, case acceptance, and increased conversion rates.


Michelle is considered a premier lecturer with many lecture events each year, globally, including the 2014, 2016 & 2018 Invisalign Ortho Summit, AAO, PCSO, HSO, SCAO, Dolphin Annual Meetings, Align Expos, MKS, The Invisible Orthodontist and many others. She has hosted multi-day training conferences with tremendous success. With her dynamic presentations and her ability to connect with her audiences, her lecture events are not only informational but extremely influential and motivating. In addition to publishing articles for many industry leading publications, she has recorded Ask the Expert webinars for Align Technologies and works as an Industry Expert and Key Opinion Leader for Invisalign.


Take the First Step .....

..... to realizing the full potential of your practice. We will partner with you to achieve the goals you never thought possible. Our proven methods and techniques will provide immediate results. We look forward to hearing from you and partnering with you in the near future.

403 Peachtree Place SW

Desert Aire, WA 99349

Tel: 425-239-4012

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