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  • Michelle Shimmin

Digital Practice Workflow


I’m All In

For those practices that have fully embraced the digital patient workflow into their practices and believe in the benefits that it offers the doctor, the staff and the patients it’s no time to pat yourself on the back. It’s likely that you were looking at these technologies pre-pandemic and embraced the benefits to your practice over any changes it meant to your previous workflow.

Ensure that every part of your practice has clearly defined roles for contributing to the success of these digital patients. That they are written out, clearly understood and flow from one person to the other.

You will see extraordinary growth in your share a chair revenue, you will have many more points of contact with the patient, you are not waiting for appointments every 10 weeks for patient contact, and you have more personal 1 on 1 communication with them and your patient retention will skyrocket when you can resolve more of their concerns quickly and efficiently.

We are experiencing changes in our industry driven by technology like never before and what we continue to see is new products entering the marketplace that will continue to give us options and opportunities to treat our patients needs better and keep them trusting in the expertise of their orthodontist.

You have to keep your eyes open to adapting the workflow, engaging your staff and meeting your patients’ needs by continuing to push your comfort level in order to give you the TIME you have been searching for.

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