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  • Michelle Shimmin

Digital Practice Workflow


When you think of the “Digital Workflow” in your practice, or a “Digital Arm” of your practice what do you think of, or what have you implemented?

Wherever your practice is along this curve our industry has been shocked into it over the past 18 months we are nowhere near the median of acceptance and use based on what is available to us and what the consumers are driving. So, you are not alone wherever you fall, there are others struggling with all phases of understanding the processes and implications to the practice.

I know that the number one concern of doctors I talk to is TIME. Technology has the ability solve that problem for you if you understand your needs, limitations and have the right help.

I also understand when doctors say to me “my patients want to come and see me for that personal touch”. First of all one doesn’t have to sacrifice the other and second if we are being honest that statement is much more about us than it is our patients. I will argue as well as show you how you can have up to a 400% increase in patient points of contact with a digital patient workflow.

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