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Digital Practice Workflow


I will be speaking at the upcoming Orthopreneurs Summit Meeting in Denver later this fall. If you have not registered yet, please look into it. It is one of the most information packed meetings you will ever attend.

I will be speaking about the digital workflow in your practice. Not about conceptual ideas for implementing a digital arm into your practice, but actionable steps of the digital workflow through each position, and what different modalities bring to the digital table and why they might be right for you. Providing you steps to wrap your head around embracing this revolution in orthodontics that will only continue to put pressure driven by the consumer into our practices.

I am going to take some time over the next few weeks to bring up some questions and some ideas around the digital workflow and what it means to you.

Engage in the conversations, your world is changing and you will be required to adapt or really be left behind in the growth of your practice.

There's still time to register:

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