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  • Michelle Shimmin

Digital Practice Workflow

Updated: Oct 4, 2021


Time to start asking the hard questions.

For those practices that to date have been unsure of the benefits outweighing the costs, pains, learning curve and overall confusion in “doing it right” when it comes to digital patient flows believe me, you are not alone and in a lot of cases most likely still in the majority of practices.

It’s not an easy decision to come to and there are way too many questions. How much should I do it? Which platforms do I use? Do I charge the same for treatment? How does it all work together? Will this cannibalize my other treatment preferences? On and on the questions and hesitations go.

Even if you are in this situation currently, you are keenly aware of the fact that there are more options available to our patients than there ever have been, from DIY to general dentists that have the ability to erode our patient base and question how you can compete in today’s marketplace as a practice owner.

I challenge anyone in the category of not yet adopting digital patient flows to at least start to ask yourself the hard questions. How can I serve my patients better where they are? How can I have more TIME for my personal life? How can I continue to work smarter and make a profit? Why am I resistant to the new technologies and modalities? Answering some of these questions will set you on the road to finding answers and solutions that fit you and where you need to be going. We can help you with the how once you know the why!

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