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Set Your Team Up to Reach New Heights of Success in 2019!

Updated: Mar 5, 2019

It’s that time of year: Analyze all areas of your practice. Design a specific plan for growth. Get a new perspective. Be empowered. And then take action so you can reach new heights of success in 2019!

We've been extremely busy packaging our Shimmin Consulting team training materials and manuals for new clients who are ready to take BIG action this year, and it's only January! Ask yourself... What will YOU do in 2019 to make a change? Grow your practice? Have a team of efficient and happy employees with streamlined processes?

If you truly want to set your orthodontic team up for success, you need to build a standard operating procedure with a defined process for each job role. People don’t just need to know what you expect of them on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. They also need to be able to see how they fit into the bigger picture, both in terms of purpose, organizational success and with regards to the quality of the care that you’re providing to patients every single day.

At Shimmin Consulting we have the expertise to implement solutions into your practice that are strategic, clear and measurable. They are specifically designed to drive not only practice growth but also to improve the experience for your patients from their first point of contact through the entire treatment process in your orthodontic practice.

We target all phases of the business, creating specialized programs that are tailored to the specific needs of your practice. Our solutions have been developed to target these areas and deliver not only immediate results but long lasting returns to your orthodontic practice because we are not putting a band aid on any part of your business, we are developing new behaviors that will deliver new results Through the training and programs outlined below you will see major changes to the following areas of your practice:​

  • Management and Practice Processes

  • Financial Processes and Reporting

  • New Patient Case Acceptance

  • Treatment Profitability

  • Marketing Solutions

  • Team Accountability and Empowerment

After and in-depth consultation with you, Shimmin Consulting will provide recommendations and a proposal based on your needs and desires, as well as your time and financial investment availability with no-interest payment options available.

In addition, we will analyze your overhead expenses, Profit and Loss statements and your hourly doctor/assistant value so you can run as lean and profitable as possible.

You will be partnered with an expert consultant at Shimmin Consulting, who will remain alongside you throughout the entirety of the scope of work together.

Our comprehensive Orthodontic Consulting program will:

1.   Be on site with you and your team for 2 days at a time, approximately once a quarter.

2.   The initial time together includes an "Intensive Team Workshop" and training session to lay a solid foundation for the systems we will implement.

3.   Provide weekly phone and webinar sessions with your team for the continued training and accountability to ensure your practice results as well as position training, scripting and role playing.

4.   Continued observation and audits throughout your practice with clear recommendations and tools for you and your team.

5.   We are here as an expert and resource to you and ...


We are committed to your success!

To learn more about how we can partner with you and your team and for a free consultation appointment to discuss your practice concerns, contact us below. Also find out what people are saying about us and how we have impacted their practices.

What great things will you and your team do in 2019? Partner your team with the best, Shimmin Consulting at:

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