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  • Michelle Shimmin

The Power of Metrics in your Practice

Having metrics will enable you to make better and quicker decisions regarding the direction of your practice. Data allows us to not have to make decisions based on feelings or impressions, but provides the evidence needed to head in the right direction and make the right decisions. Do you measure what is going on in your practice, month over month, year over year? Do you have a system or program in place that gives you a quick visual representation of what that data is telling you?

In this upcoming series we will dive into what data will do for us, how to make sure we collect “true data”, how to find areas of concern before they become problematic and how to make strategic, calculated decisions off that data.

A common expression in business is “what gets measured, gets managed” and that is half right. Right enough to be believable. Wrong enough to be misleading. If we measure our weight, will it change? How you approach making decisions on the data that is presented will have a lot to do with the results you achieve. Decisions should change behaviors in ways that shape outcomes, and we will discuss this more in this upcoming series as well.

If you are looking for better data collection processes in your practice that will provide you with the tools to make informed decisions Shimmin Consulting’s Client Portal has those tools available for you to measure all areas of your practice.

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