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  • Michelle Shimmin

The Power of a Positive Team: How Having a Can-Do Attitude Can Influence Your Orthodontic Team

"We are not a TEAM because we work together, we are a team because we respect, trust and care for each other."

In the workplace, positivity is a force for good that can go a long way.

How will you start off your week? Set the tone for your orthodontic practice with inspirational messages or quotes that encourage, strengthen and unify your team members -- Read these quotes in your morning huddles each day, post them in your staff lounge and celebrate accomplishments this week with a coffee delivery or treats!

When our brains are thinking positively, we can reach an optimal level of focus and engagement. We’re more energetic, driven, and less stressed. Plain and simple, we get more done in less time.

With this enhanced level of productivity, positive thinking team members are more encouraged to go above and beyond in the quality of work that they produce.

You'd be surprised at how quickly positivity can spread among your orthodontic team when the "positive tone" it set at the beginning of the week. A little surprise gift doesn't hurt either!

Here are some of the positive quotes we are loving right now:

Cheers to a successful week, Masterminds!


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