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  • Michelle Shimmin

Team Tips for a Successful Summer - Growing Ortho Practices!

The final month of Summer is here! It's also a historically busier month for our industry and practices... one thing to keep in mind, you and your team need rejuvenation, recognition and appreciation during these busy months!

Nurture team synergy with some of these ideas below, to help everyone stay energetic and motivated to hit those practice Summertime goals:

Organize a team potluck

Team members take turns bringing in fun treat to sharePedicure/Manicure gift certificates

$5 gift card to a local coffee shop - Support local businessTheme days with costumes and creative patient giveaways

Surprise the team with a summer picnic in a local parkHost an ice cream sundae bar for the team during lunch one day

Host a catered staff breakfast buffet

Open the office late one morning and organize an easy staff hike in the morning (if you have a team that enjoys the outdoors)

Create a fun in-office staff contest (maybe based on asking patients for reviews.) The winner receives a gift card or spa day!

What are you doing to rejuvenate your team and improve the culture in your office during this busy season? It's not too late to motivate and reach those goals!

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