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Smiles Change Lives -PART 3

Updated: Nov 3, 2021


Smiles Change Lives works with families and children across the country that are in need of assistance for orthodontic care from:

- Military Families

- Special Needs Patients

- Police officer’s and Fire fighters’ families

- Teachers’ families

- Patients who have fallen on tough times

- Older kids or students

You can be proactive in leading patients that come into your practice to SCL for them to find an opportunity to receive treatment that they otherwise would not be able to receive.

SCL is an international nonprofit that has been providing access to orthodontic care since 1997, they have been around a long time and they have the ability to help you and your practice establish a program that works for you and that is building your brand.

Join with the over 800 Orthodontists who have helped thousands of children receive the care they need.

Let us hear about your experiences with SCL... What made you decide to work with SCL and what is one thing that you’d change about the SCL Program?

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