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  • Michelle Shimmin

Smiles Change Lives - PART 2

Updated: Nov 3, 2021


I have seen firsthand how REWARDING working with Smiles Change Lives in a practice can be for everyone involved. As the doctor and the team there is something rewarding about helping children in your community that could not afford treatment, to know you are helping someone have a well-deserved smile. There is also a reward in being able to celebrate in your community the services that you provide, the outreach partnerships that you create and the care you have for your community in general and not just your paying patients.

Working with SCL is as EASY as it is REWARDING. For you as the provider there is no fundraising, no fees and nothing to establish. SCL does everything to ensure your donated time, skills and practice resources are spent on qualified, motivated children. You don’t have to handle applications and you never have to be the one to say “no” or ask the tough questions. SCL also is the one who will follow up and resolve issues in the event there is a non-compliance issue with a child or family that was referred to you.

All of this work makes it a huge benefit to you, your time and your resources for a professional organization to take care of all of this and provide you with a much better experience all the way around than trying to do this on your own. They even have a program designed for you to be able to select the patients you want to treat in the event you would like to treat patients that may not qualify under SCL’s standard guidelines.

Reach out to SCL to be able to find out more about how they can enhance what you are currently providing in your community.

If you have any rewarding experiences to share please share in the comments below.

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