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Re-Opening & Taking Care of Your TEAM!

Take Care of Your TEAM!

We must realize both Doctors and Team members have been through a lot over the past few months. We all have a story as COVID-19 has uniquely touched everyone.

INSPIRE your team… to desire responsibility and commitment! Your ability to provide positive leadership and motivation will: 1. Generate staff that will desire to grow and develop your practice 2. Support top talent and staff retention 3. Meet your staff’s intrinsic need to matter and make a difference!

Motivate your employees through:

• Clear Communication and a Positive Workplace Environment that values recognition and appreciation

When you effectively motivate and inspire your team you:

• Increase Employee Commitment, Satisfaction, Development and Efficiency

When bringing your team back to work, please obtain written documentation that the position has been offered along with the date to re-start employment. Also include expected hours, and their salary or hourly pay rate. In the event the employee turns down the offer, the document will help verify the employee was offered the position and chose to decline. For optimal record-keeping, consider using a digitally time-stamped document service such as DocuSign.


What a Furlough Recall Letter Should Include Returning employees are likely to have a lot of questions. As well as stating all the necessary facts, take this opportunity to reassure them about what’s changed (and what hasn’t) when it comes to their place in the organization, their salary and benefits packages, and how you will be ensuring workplace safety.

1. An Employment Offer Here’s the most important thing for employers to know—this is an offer letter, not just a set of instructions. Employees may have found alternative employment while furloughed or simply not wish to return to work at this time. So, employees should be given a choice whether to accept the offer to return, or reject it and have their employment terminated.

2. Return To Work Date Don’t forget to include the exact date when an employee is invited to return to work.

3. Terms of Employment This letter will now supersede any previous terms of employment, so it’s important to get all the important details right: o Position o Supervisor o Responsibilities / Job Description o Salary o Hours o Exempt/Non-Exempt Status

4. What’s Changed—And What Hasn’t For full transparency, lay out whether any of an employee’s terms of employment have changed. Even if there are only small changes, not disclosing them clearly will only lead to resentment. If salaries or hours have been reduced across the board, be clear about this.

5. Benefits Status Employees will naturally want to know how the recall from furlough affects their company seniority, benefits, and any accrued PTO and sick leave.

6. New Safety Procedures The furlough is over but the crisis isn’t. It is the employer’s responsibility to create a safe work environment and work to promote social distancing. Your letter is a change to lay out what your business will be doing to keep the workplace safe. Possible measures include: o Scheduled handwashing o Regular disinfection of surfaces o Enforced social distancing o Reduced patient capacity o Staggered Shifts o Any specific state requirements

7. Reassurance

This is a time of high anxiety and you can’t be expected to predict every question a returning employee may have. Offer employees a chance to reach out privately with any questions and concerns.

Remember, each employee is unique, and as such, their individual situations will need to be considered. If the employee cannot return to work or chooses not to, the doctor will have to decide how to proceed while keeping in mind the best interests of the practice. Please feel free to seek out the advice and recommendations from our team if you have a situation or circumstance that you are unsure of how to proceed.

The day before re-opening, hold a mandatory team meeting to review the new protocols and rehearse the new patient flow. Go over your schedule and set expectations. Your first day will run much smoother for your patients if your team walks in on Day One ready to go!

Once a week, for the first three weeks after re-opening, provide lunch for your team! This simple act of kindness will be remembered and appreciated! Be sure to support your local restaurants and small business owners!

Another option is buying a pizza for everyone to take home to their families for dinner! Those first few weeks will be a challenge for everyone. I think we can all agree, pizza makes everything better!

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