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  • Michelle Shimmin

Hiring the Ideal Team: Part 3

#3: Keys to Hiring the Right People.

Assess the candidates’ values … It is extremely important to make sure your prospective hire understands and fits into your office culture. Someone might be completely qualified for a position on paper and at the same time completely wrong for your organization in the room.

Susan Salgado, the influential organizational consultant, puts it this way: "Culture is the promise you make to your employees. Brand is the promise you make to your customers."

Keep those words in mind when looking to fill a position, because all it takes is one wrong person to set your company on tilt. Really, if just one person doesn't subscribe to your culture—an informal style, say, or an open work station environment, or even something as simple as needing to work in complete silence while your people are used to pumping up the volume—it can become contagious. You might have solved one problem by hiring someone who is technically qualified, but created a whole mess of other problems by hiring someone who does not exactly fit in.

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