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  • Michelle Shimmin

Hiring the Ideal Team: Part 2

#2: Keys to Hiring the Best People

Make the interview process a team effort …A strong interview process is developed over time—both as your needs change, and your resources deepen. You may be doing all of the interviews yourself; it is crucial that you bring some of your team members into the process. This is important because you want your team to have a say in who they will be partnering with in the workplace, and you want any potential hires to know the folks they will be working with.

As the Doctor or hiring manager, ask big picture-type questions. Ask them to describe themselves in two to five words. Or, maybe you want to know how they responded the last time something happened to them that was out of their control.

Have team members ask the nuts-and-bolt-type questions that will often signal a candidate's demeanor, or experience.

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