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  • Michelle Shimmin

Business Changes in Orthodontics


Change is an inevitable part of life. Change is also an important part of a business life; it allows a business to adapt to its environment and to improve its market position. Change signifies the willingness to embrace and function in new processes and the commitment to effect and implement the changes. The generic definition of change is “any alteration in the status quo.” Changes within a practice may take place for many reasons. It is sometimes done to introduce a new more efficient way of working or seeing our patients. It is sometimes done to re-organize the work force. Practices will evolve and change within the course of their lives. Change management is referred to as the process of which change is executed and developed within the practice. Change is something that affects all business and therefore all owners and office managers must prepare their personnel for change. We will be starting a series related to how this can be implemented into your individual practice in addition to how and why this is critical in today’s environment and understanding the rapidly developing patient drivers you are already experiencing. The most expensive words in business: “We’ve always done it this way!” You need to be willing to embrace change in your practice in order to achieve exceptional results for your patients.

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