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  • Michelle Shimmin

Building Rapport

Whether you’re meeting a new patient/family, giving general advice, investigating a query or addressing a complaint, building rapport is extremely important to the success of your practice. Here is a guide to begin developing habits that will help you and show you how the right choice of language can be a powerful tool in developing a high level of customer satisfaction. Being the cornerstone of any good relationship, it is vital that we exhibit a strong level of understanding from the very onset of each and every contact. Remember when building rapport keep these important steps in mind:

1. Mirror the customer’s tone/body language

  • Mirror their tone of voice, their rate of speech and their body language. Use strong listening skills, nods of understanding and expressions of empathy.

  • Repeat any concerns or problems

2. Someone who repeats the situation with phrases of understanding and empathy, rather than proceeding immediately and emotionlessly to the resolution, will gain an invaluable affinity and subtle assurance that they are in good hands.

Use key phrases

  • “I’m very glad to hear that, Mrs. Green...”, “I understand your concern…” Constructs a sense of personal empathy and suggests our intention to help.

  • “Thank you so much...” Creates the unspoken suggestion that your practice values them.

  • “I’d like to ask for a little further information, Sir…” Always request-never tell.

  • “You’re absolutely correct...” Demonstrating your respect for the customer’s opinions.

3. Assert control

  • Now that your customer has confidence in your motives and feels important, not just a number, it’s time to show them you’re for real. Demonstrate your confidence in your doctor and your practice through firm, well-rehearsed, positive, emphatic style of speech using courteous vocabulary and the consistent use of concise, yet energetic sentences. Give them confidence in you!

  • Build your doctor’s value

  • “Dr. Orthodontist is an excellent doctor and well-respected in our community. His/her patients love being a part of this practice and I know you will, too!”

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