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In addition to all of the wonderful clients we support at Shimmin Consulting, we also have the opportunities to get out and speak to and interact with all of the amazing Orthodontic and Dental professionals in their communities. If you have not had the opportunity to hear Michelle speak or see us at one of our events, please take a look at the schedule below. We would love to connect with you when we are in your area or at one of the many national events through out the year.

If you are interested in finding out more about an event in your area and how to attend, please contact us for more information here.

2022 National Events

February 25th through 26th - Virginia Association of Orthodontists Featured Speaker

- Richmond, VA


May 6th - Washington State Society of Orthodontists Featured Speaker

- Bellevue, WA

May 21st through 23rd - AAO Annual Meeting

- Miami, FL

June 17th through 18th - Lightforce Future Featured Speaker

- Boston, MA

July 22nd through 24th - Ortho Evolution Featured Speaker

- Dallas, TX

September 9th through 11th - Orthopreneurs

- Austin, TX

September 16th through 18th - Canadian Association of Orthodontists Featured Speaker

- Saskatoon, Canada

September 23rd through 25th - MASO/NESO Featured Speaker

- Philadelphia, PA

October 7th through 9th - Mother of Pearls

- Phoenix, AZ

October 27th through 29th - Pacific Coast Society of Orthodontists

- San Diego, CA

November 3rd through 5th - MSO/SAO/SWSO

- Austin, TX

2020 National Events

Mach 3rd through 5th - Cloud 9 Annual Meeting: Featured Speaker

- Atlanta, GA

April 16th and 17th - Align Technologies

- St. Louis, MO

May 1st through 4th - AAO Annual Meeting

- Atlanta, GA

August 6th and 7th - The Invisible Orthodontist (TIO) Australia Conference Featured Speaker

- Gold Coast, Queensland

September 10th through 12th - Mother of Pearls Conference (MOPC) Featured Speaker

- Minneapolis, MN

September 24th through 26th - CAO Scientific Session Featured Speaker

- Kelowna, BC

October 15th through 17th - Orthopreneurs Annual Meeting

- Austin, TX

October 22nd through 25th - Western Orthodontic Conference Annual Meeting

- Anaheim, CA

November 5th through 8th - Northeastern Society of Orthodontics Featured Speaker

- Montreal, QC

2019 National Events

January 7th and 8th - Brooklyn, NY

January 24th through 26th - Winter AAO Conference 

- Marco Island, FL

February 12th and 13th - Buffalo - NY

February 20th through 22nd - Nashville, TN

February 28th through March 3rd - Dolphin Annual Meeting: Featured Speaker

- Phoenix, AZ

May 3rd through 7th - AAO Annual Meeting: Featured Speaker

- Los Angeles, CA

May 10th through 12th - Invisalign UK Ortho Forum: Featured Speaker

- London, UK

Sept 12th through 14th - Orthopreneurs Annual Meeting

- Dallas, TX


Oct 2nd through 6th - PCSO Annual Conference:  Featured Speaker

- Honolulu, HI

October 11th and 12th - Align UKI Summit

- London, UK

October 25th and 26th - MKS Forum 2019: Featured Speaker

- Dallas, TX

2018 National Events

February 14th through 16th - Chicago, IL

March 3rd through 5th - Dolphin Annual Meeting

- Las Vegas, NV

March 20th through 21st - New Jersey & New York

April 4th through 6th - Miami, FL

May 4th through 8th - AAO Annual Meeting

- Washington DC

May 11th - Lecture at University of Washington's Orthodontic Dept.  

- Seattle, WA

June 21st - Mini TNT Workshop partnership with Dr. Donna Galante

- Southern California

June 29th - "Influential Communication" lecture, Align Corporate Study Club

- Charlotte, NC

October 2nd through 4th - Florida 

October 11th through 13th - TIO UK, The Invisible Orthodontist Meeting Featured Speaker

- Portugal, UK

November 15th through 16th - Align Summit

- Las Vegas, NV

November 27th - Eugene, OR

December 4th - San Francisco, CA

December 11th and 12th

- Los Angeles, CA


2017 National Events

January 19th and 20th

"Consults to Conversions: Techniques that work" - Calgary, AB

February 9th

"The Art of Influencing your Patients" - Bellevue, WA

March 2nd through 4th - Dolphin Annual Meeting Featured Speaker

"Smart Strategies for Starting More Patients" - Nashville, TN

March 17th and 18th - SCAO Featured Speaker

"Influential Communication: Unlocking Your Practice Potential" - Charleston, SC

April 10th through 13th

"Building Your Practice Through Invisalign Teen" - Buffalo, NY / Rochester, NY / Syracuse, NY

April 18th

"Building Your Practice Through Invisalign Teen" - Honolulu, HI

April 21st through April 25th - AAO Annual Meeting Featured Speaker

"Unlock Your Practice Potential" - San Diego, CA

May 9th and 10th

"Building Your Practice Through Invisalign Teen" - West Hartford, CT / Newark, NJ

May 19th - Hygiene Study Club: Clinton Township, MI

August 8th and 9th -  Egg Harbor Township, NJ

September 21st and 22nd - Calgary, AB / Edmonton, AB

September 29th and 30th - TNT Workshop: Seattle, WA

October 4th through 6th - Bethesda, MD / Columbia, MD

October 10th and 1th - Woodbridge, NJ

October 12th - Portland, OR

October 13th - Bellevue, WA

October 18th through 20th - Anahiem Hills, CA / Monrovia, CA / Burbank, CA

November 2nd and 3rd - Lexington, KY and Louisville, KY

November 15th through 18th - The Invisible Orthodontist Annual Meeting Featured Speaker

 "The Power of Perception / The Art of Influential Communication / Consult to Conversion" - San Diego, CA

December 8th - New Orleans, LA

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