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  • Michelle Shimmin

Key Factors For a Successful Practice With a Remarkable Reputation


How this is different from leadership? Management facilitates accountability and leadership influences motivation and inspiration in every team member.

Do YOU have the coaches’ mindset or are you just going to work, needing to get results under any circumstances? Are you truly getting the greatest ‘results’ possible? Remember we have the ability to influence: Staff retention, dedication, commitment, going above and beyond, by serving others outside of their position.

Delegation means transferring to an employee the responsibility for an area of work, and letting them DO THEIR JOB! It is NOT abdication, micromanagement, assigning tasks, making somebody else do it.

However, remember there are systems in place that provide accountability and the ability to measure the success, as well. Remember- your goal in delegating is to hand off the responsibility as completely as possible-making for independent, capable employees and freeing you up to conquer new tasks. Empower your team to FLY! You will experience their full potential and talent! Change starts with leadership and it absolutely starts with you! You set the tone within your practice. Accountability is necessary, management is necessary. The GOAL should be to develop team members that are ALL leaders, facilitating change through creativity, excitement, enthusiasm and a vested interested in the practice. If you have the manager in place, get them training, recalibrate where you are, this is the core of who/what your practice is and can absolutely make or break your team. People whose managers believe in them and want to help them succeed –they often exceed even the most positive expectations.

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