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Referral to Dentist

ATE Schedule Example


October 2020 - Featured Article: Patients without Appointments going Amuck, Amuck, Amuck!


July 2020 - Featured Article: Re-Awaken Your Passion in the Workplace


January 2019 - Featured Article: OrthoMasterminds Launch

November 2018 - Featured Article: Cell Phones in the Workplace

April 2018 - Featured Article: Getting the Most out of Technology

October 2017 - Featured Article: More than a Manager

April 2017 - Featured Article: Facing Objections to Starts


January 2017 - Featured Article: Psychological Sales and the New Patient Exam


October 2016 - Featured Article: The Power of your Words

August 2016 - Featured Article: Collections


April 2016 - Featured Article: Building Rapport with the Patient

January 2016 - Featured Article: Promoting Health Savings Accounts

October 2015 - Featured Article: A Signature Marketing Program

July 2015 - Featured Article: Your People, Your Success

April 2015 - Featured Article: The Importance of Referral Letters Part 1

January 2015 - Featured Article: Understanding Your Practice Goals

September 2014 - Featured Article: Teenagers and Treatment


January 2014 Newsletter - Featured Article: New Patient Exams


Feeding the Multi-Specialty Practice


The Cost of Hiring the Wrong Person

Published Article Colle + McVoy May 2017 - Teen Edge Update 

Published Article Bentson & Copple October 2017 - Financial Policies & The Health of Your Practice


Podcast - How to Adapt Your Orthodontic Practice During COVID-19

Ask the Experts - February 2017: From Consult to Referral

Podcast - Team Management and Getting the Best from the Team

Invisalign Summit Presentation - November 2016

Ask the Experts - August 2015: Practice Workflow, Maximizing Office Efficiency

Ask the Experts - March 2015: Getting Parents to Yes

Invisalign Summit Presentation - November 2014

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