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Are you currently struggling in your practice with your Financial systems and processes? 

Is team turnover in the area of Financial and Insurance Coordinator a problem for you?

If you are struggling in the area of the finances within your practice you need to contact us immediately. This is far and above the most important part of your practice. More important than your New Patient Exam process and more important than your Marketing efforts to bring in new patients.

It is a fact that most orthodontists will get embezzled from at some point during their career. It is also a fact that this is the position in your practice that needs the most trusted relationship but oftentimes has the highest turnover, and every time there is a turnover in this position it is costing your business an enormous amount of money, not only in replacing and re-training but in the all important areas of contract setup, insurance and collections, managing auto payments and reporting.

We can do all of this for you as a trusted and accountable partner. Not only taking on the day to day responsibilities of your Financial Coordinator and Insurance Coordinator, but also documenting and putting solid systems in place that are accountable and trackable so that when you do bring this position back in house it is solid.

Do not wait . . .  you do not have to fix these problems on your own!

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