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In setting up systems and processes for your practice, a consultant should not be focused on doing it their way, they should be focused on improving what you are doing well and identifying areas of improvement within your office, then working side by side with you to make the changes that fit into your practice and your realities. The best way to accomplish this is to have an industry expert onsite and in your reality.

At Shimmin Consulting we have the expertise to implement solutions into your practice that are strategic, clear and measurable. They are specifically designed to drive not only practice growth but also to improve the experience for your patients from their first point of contact through the entire treatment process in your practice.

We target all phases of the business, creating specialized programs that are tailored to the specific needs of your practice. Our solutions have been developed to target these areas and deliver not only immediate results but long lasting returns to your practice because we are not putting a band aid on any part of your business, we are developing new behaviors that will deliver new results Through the training and programs outlined below you will see major changes to the following areas of your practice:

  • Management and Practice Processes

  • Financial Processes and Reporting

  • New Patient Case Acceptance

  • Treatment Profitability

  • Marketing Solutions

  • Team Accountability and Empowerment

Treatment Coordinator

Treatment Coordinator intensive training at Shimmin Consulting provides an in-depth psychological sales training for a clear understanding of how to “think outside the box” to train your Treatment Coordinators on truly mastering the art of reaching and connecting with every one of your new patients, effectively influencing their choices and decisions to choose you. We work 1 on 1 with the treatment coordinator on the exam process and how to be successful in delivering a clear and specific message to every potential patient.

Scheduling Coordinator

A scheduling coordinator often has to wear many hats in the practice and this manual is comprehensive of, not only the process of getting new patients into your office and scheduled, but also how to have an effective Family Care Program and Observation Program as well as managing your in-house Tooth Club. We provide scripting, documents and letters for new patient reporting, scheduling protocols to manage, cancelled and no-show appointments, effective letter processes, purposeful morning huddles and systems to eliminate patients over treatment time (Your gatekeeper to a healthy patient-centered practice).

Financial Coordinator

Creating clear and useful financial reporting is vital to the health of your practice and goes way beyond just the "daily deposits" mentality. We provide direct training with your financial coordinator on the collections process and how to collect 100% of the monies owed to you. This manual provides clear instruction and financial report for End of the Month, End of the Year, and Executive Summaries that provide details on new patients, collections, production adjustments, insurance as well as monthly and yearly averages in your practice, allowing you to quickly and clearly see the direction you are headed and identify areas of concern before they become problematic. 

Clinical Training

Through the clinical training process we will work with you and your team to setup an efficient flow throughout your practice for all patients. You team will be trained on ordering and inventory processes and streamlining that process in your office. We will work with the entire clinical staff on scripting and training them to be efficient in the patient flow. You will be provided with the tools to implement a Clinical lead and we will train on what the goals and purpose that a clinical lead would need to have to ensure the clinic is running smoothly and the doctor flow through out the clinic.

Doctor / Office Manager

Learn the difference between being a manager and being a leader. We will teach you how to inspire and get the most out of your team members through active leadership. We will provide a full suite of documents and processes for creating the dream team you have always wanted with the staff that you already have. We go through staff development, job descriptions, clinical training and how to have effective business meetings. In addition, we will guide you through clear goal setting and a strong bonus structure with a high level of accountability that delivers remarkable results.

Human Resources

This Manual will provide you and your office manager with the tools to have a compliant and accountable HR process in your office. The team at Shimmin Consulting will work with you to implement these processes as well as provide guidance and support through-out the process with your team members. This manual includes everything from forms for Disciplinary Actions, clear and complete job descriptions, New Hire Ads, New Hire Documents, Performance Evaluation process as well as forms for setting Employee goals and Employee benefit letters and Vacation Request Forms. You will have all the tools needed to have a successful Human Resources process.

Marketing Manual.png

Our Marketing program is designed to create a plan for your internal marketing resources, including time and finances. The manual is designed for an internal employee to be able to implement a successful marketing program in your office. It will show you how to tap into the internal opportunities in your practice, your external opportunities in your community and with your patients and professional partners to maximize your marketing dollars and time spent. This will create a brand and improve practice recognition in your community. Our clients understand how to provide the biggest impact, and what to do to ensure marketing efforts are successful.

Letter Templates.png
Letter Templates

Shimmin Consulting provides a manual consisting of 56 pates of template letters for every necessary communication in your office between parents, patients and professional partners. We will work with you to integrate these letter templates into your practice and they will address everything to Exam Diagnosis, Debands, Missed Appointments, Financial Reminders, Non-Compliance Letters, New Patient Welcome Letters, Treatment Referrals and Insurance Letters. Letter templates not only provide us with an easily repeatable system of communication, when used properly they will also ensure that we are delivering a full suite of information. The systems we implement to incorporate these letter templates will ensure that all of our communication is clear and complete to avoid potential pitfalls we encounter when proper information is not delivered.


Shimmin Consulting provides 23 customized scripts that have been developed to be able to provide a clear and consistent message to your patients so that they are able to understand exactly what is going on in your practice and with their treatment. We will do one on one training with your staff to train them on these scripts and how to make them a part of their every day communication to your patients and parents. Everything from the NP Phone Call scripting, to scripting regarding Collections, No Show and Late Patients as well as scripts for the Treatment coordinator to address Facing Objections to starting treatment and Handling Second Opinions. In addition, we provide scripting on how to make your patients a walking referral source, and how to turn every team member into an educator and influencer on behalf of your practice.

After and in-depth consultation with you, Shimmin Consulting will provide recommendations and a proposal based on your needs and desires, as well as your time and financial investment availability with no-interest payment options available.


In addition, we will analyze your overhead expenses, Profit and Loss statements and your hourly doctor/assistant value so you can run as lean and profitable as possible.


You will be partnered with an expert consultant at Shimmin Consulting, who will remain alongside you throughout the entirety of the scope of work together.


Our comprehensive Orthodontic Consulting program will:


1.   Be on site with you and your team for 2-3 trips throughout the duration of our consulting.


2.   The initial time together includes an "Intensive Team Workshop" and training session to lay a solid foundation for the systems we will implement.


3.   Provide weekly phone and webinar sessions with your team for the continued training and accountability to ensure your practice results as well as position training, scripting and role playing.


4.   Continued observation and audits throughout your practice with clear recommendations and tools for you and your team.


5.   We are here as an expert and resource to you and ...


To learn more about how we can partner with you and your team and for a free consultation appointment to discuss your practice concerns, contact us below. Also find out what people are saying about us and how we have impacted their practices.

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